How we work

fees and conditions

Through its loans and exhibitions, the Hoogsteder Museum Foundation aims to promote
the art and culture of The Netherlands of the 17th century.


The Hoogsteder Museum Foundation organises loans for museums all over the world. We made loans from private collections available to 185 museum exhibitions. 

The Hoogsteder Museum Foundation will take care of everything:

  • Transport between the owners and the Hoogsteder Museum Foundation in The Hague
  • Photography
  • Copyright
  • Condition reports
  • Full insurance

Prices vary, depending on the insurance value of the painting.


Our turn-key exhibitions can be realized in a very short period of time.
They can vary in size (and thus in price) and can be custom-curated for a museum, including paintings from their own collection.

The paintings in the Hoogsteder Museum Foundation exhibition:

  • Are all produced in the Netherlands between 1600 and 1700.
  • Rank among the best produced by the artists and are all in excellent condition.
  • Are lent from private European collections and are rarely or even never be seen in public.

Price of exhibition depends on destination, number and value of paintings:

  • The size of the exhibition and the number of paintings can be adjusted.
  • Range is between 15 and 35 paintings.

Rates for packaging, shipping and insurance depend on destination, number and value of paintings.
These are highly competitive and include:

  • All packing (to and from venue)
  • All packaging  and crating
  • All shipping (door to door transport)
  • All courier costs
  • Wall to wall insurance (2 way transport + 3 months loan)
  • Condition reports
  • Administration costs (for contracts, insurance, etc.)

The exhibitions are very suitable for travelling.
Discount can be offered to a request for more than one venue.

Text and Publicity

  • Art historical essays, wall labels and catalogue entries
  • High resolution digital photographs
  • An introductory text, to use for promotional purposes. A press release can also be provided.
  • Copyrights
  • Public lecture
  • Educational program with public lectures, workshops and guided tours can be produced on request

Receiving venue should provide:

  • Walls painted in suggested color / exhibition space design
  • Hanging
  • Lighting
  • Security

If you are interested in single painting loans, please contact us.