• Rembrandt’s Academythe Greatness of Rembrandt’s Artistic Power

Rembrandt’s Academy

the Greatness of Rembrandt’s Artistic Power

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The highly acclaimed exhibition Rembrandt’s Academy shows the greatness of Rembrandt’s artistic power and the influence of his art throughout the Netherlands. Rembrandt’s artistic personality was breathtaking and it is not possible to imagine Dutch art without him. Rembrandt was one of the most successful masters in the seventeenth century, certainly the most famous.

In his twenties Rembrandt took on his first pupils in Amsterdam. When Rembrandt achieved fame, he founded his Academy. Here he instructed artists to paint in his prolific manner of painting. Rembrandt was the unparalleled leading painter of the day, attracting students from far and beyond, bewildered by his brilliance.

During this exhibition, visitors are able to see work of Rembrandt’s students. Jacob Backer, Abraham van Dijck, Jacobus Levecq, Ferdinand Bol, Salomon Koninck, Johannes Spilberg, Godfried Kneller were among the best
of these and are all included in the exhibition.

The story of Rembrandt’s Academy is told in 4 chapters:

  • The Origins of the Academy ( 1619-1630)
  • The Heyday of the Academy (1631-1655)
  • Rebelling Against the Academy (after 1650)
  • The Legacy of the Academy ( 1655 onwards)

All paintings are from private collections in Europe. Although some have been loaned to important museum exhibitions, these Rembrandt Academy paintings are usually hidden to the public.

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